Function yaml_parser_initialize


#include <include/yaml.h>

int yaml_parser_initialize(yaml_parser_t *parser)


Initialize a parser.

This function creates a new parser object. An application is responsible for destroying the object using the yaml_parser_delete() function.


[ out ] parser - An empty parser object.

1 if the function succeeded, 0 on error.
Create a new parser object.

Mentioned in


Lines 176-213 in src/api.c. Line 1323 in include/yaml.h.

yaml_parser_initialize(yaml_parser_t *parser)
    assert(parser);     /* Non-NULL parser object expected. */

    memset(parser, 0, sizeof(yaml_parser_t));
    if (!BUFFER_INIT(parser, parser->raw_buffer, INPUT_RAW_BUFFER_SIZE))
        goto error;
    if (!BUFFER_INIT(parser, parser->buffer, INPUT_BUFFER_SIZE))
        goto error;
    if (!QUEUE_INIT(parser, parser->tokens, INITIAL_QUEUE_SIZE, yaml_token_t*))
        goto error;
    if (!STACK_INIT(parser, parser->indents, int*))
        goto error;
    if (!STACK_INIT(parser, parser->simple_keys, yaml_simple_key_t*))
        goto error;
    if (!STACK_INIT(parser, parser->states, yaml_parser_state_t*))
        goto error;
    if (!STACK_INIT(parser, parser->marks, yaml_mark_t*))
        goto error;
    if (!STACK_INIT(parser, parser->tag_directives, yaml_tag_directive_t*))
        goto error;

    return 1;


    BUFFER_DEL(parser, parser->raw_buffer);
    BUFFER_DEL(parser, parser->buffer);
    QUEUE_DEL(parser, parser->tokens);
    STACK_DEL(parser, parser->indents);
    STACK_DEL(parser, parser->simple_keys);
    STACK_DEL(parser, parser->states);
    STACK_DEL(parser, parser->marks);
    STACK_DEL(parser, parser->tag_directives);

    return 0;

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